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Certified Finance Specialist
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Recent Graduate of
Certified Finance Specialist
  • Mr. Hassan Mosa Haidar from Saudi Arabia
  • Mr Garry Anthony Dsouza from Canada
  • Mr. Hasan Mohamed Husain from Bahrain
Certified Finance Specialist (CFS) is aimed at aspiring and practicing finance personnel to enhance their knowledge of business finance, capital budgeting, working capital management and risk management. CFS sets a benchmark in comprehending and applying the expertise of financial management. SCQF Level 8.

Who is it for?

CFS is open to everyone regardless of previous educational experience. However, it may be of particular interest to:
  • Financial managers who take regular financial decisions for business
  • A university student considering placements, careers in the field of finance and/or further study
  • An individual with a general interest in finance and business

Key features

  • Use 'CFS' as designatory letters
  • 'Open-entry' UK certification
  • Free access to study resources
  • SCQF Level 8 qualification
  • On-demand exam at Pearson VUE
  • Exam fee £99; re-sit fee £29
  • Tuition by registered training centre

How can I complete the qualification?

You can complete Certified Finance Specialist (CFS) by following the steps outlined below.
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Step 2
  • Register yourself as a student of IQN at no cost
  • Download free course book and practice questions from your account
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